Spring, summer, autumn, winter – the City of Mozart enchants in every season!

Already Alexander von Humboldt has thought of Salzburg as one of the three most beautiful cities in the world; with numerous churches, residences, fountains and parks, harmonically embedded between hills and mountains, the city of Mozart really lives up to its reputation.
Say "Yes, I do" or repeat your marriage vow and enjoy your great moment at very special and historical locations, such as „marble hall“ at Mirabell Palace, one of the world´s most beautiful wedding halls!


„Music at every step…”

It is known and popular throughout the world and is performed in nearly every opera house and concert hall: Austrian Music.
Since Austria and Music are regarded to be two inseparable terms, the significance of Music is extraordinary high in our country. Most of famous composers were born in Austria and various works of international reputation originated here. Where else should be a better place to enjoy a private performance of Top-Artists for that once in a lifetime lift?
For your very special day and honeymoon WUNSCHFEE® procures a wide range of Vocalists and Musicians of highest quality.

Airports nearby: Salzburg, Munich, Vienna


Weddings the whole year, according to availability of locations (the month of November is not so nice for having a wedding in Salzburg)