Mirabell Palace – Salzburg (Austria)


Spring, summer, autumn, winter – the City of Mozart enchants in every season! Already Alexander von Humboldt has thought of Salzburg as one of the three most beautiful cities in the world; with numerous churches, residences, fountains and parks, harmonically embedded between hills and mountains, the city of Mozart really lives up to its reputation. Repeat your marriage vow and enjoy your great moment at very special and historical locations, such as „marble hall“ at Mirabell Palace, one of the world´s most beautiful wedding halls!

Our Wedding Packages offer an independent „symbolic wedding ceremony“, which is no legally accepted civil wedding in Austria. No documents are needed.


The ceremony is also available for vow renewal (marriage anniversary)!

Airports nearby: Salzburg, Munich, Vienna

Weddings the whole year, according to availability


Please ask for our "wedding-to-go"-packages for Salzburg and Austria!