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Did you know that the German-speaking market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol) has a volume of nearly 100 million inhabitants?


Facts about our huge market:


The biggest economy of our continent and the fourth largest economy in the world (in terms of GDP) has always been known as the driver of economic growth in Europe. An enormous market in the most populous country of the European Union is awaiting you!
Inhabitants (2013): 80.548.000
Capital: Berlin
Gross domestic product, GDP (2011): 3,577 billion USD
GDP per inhabitant (2011): 43.742 USD
National holiday: 3rd October (Anniversary of German unification)


The former empire south of Germany is one of the 13 richest countries in the world and the fourth richest country within the European Union (in terms of GDP). Economically strong and well appointed with high purchasing power the Austrian consumers are looking forward to your offers!
Inhabitants (2013): 8.488.511
Capital: Vienna
Gross domestic product, GDP (2011): 419,2 billion USD
GDP per inhabitant (2011): 49.809 USD
National holiday: 26th October (resolution to perpetual neutrality)


The small country with the highest mountains in the middle of Europe has stood for money and wealth at any time. And that has actually never changed!
Inhabitants (2013): 8.085.300
Capital: Bern
Gross domestic product, GDP (2011): 636,0 billion USD
GDP per inhabitant (2011): 81.161 USD
National holiday: 1st August (Swiss National Day)


South Tyrol (German speaking province of Italy):
The province in the North of Italy belongs to the strongest regions of the country. As the majority of the population is of Austro-Bavarian heritage people speak our language and focus their attention on the German-speaking market.
Inhabitants (2012): 509.626
Capital: Bolzano
GDP per inhabitant (2011): 47.074 USD

Don´t hesitate and take your chance to capture that enormous market in the heart of Europe! We make German media report on you!

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